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Friday, 15 June 2007

Yellow Shoes. Top mad for it.

I love lurking. The only thing I love more than lurking is lurking lurkers. Every so often, I check on how many people look at my blog on Google Analytics. It tells me lots of interesting things about how people got to my blog, how many people went there, whether they've been before, what browser they're using, and where they're from. I always expect most people to be looking at the blog from Leeds, just because I know how much Marisa lurks my blog ("fuck you, son" - "love you too monkey"), but no, it's Manchester that tops the list every time. Who is the Mystery Manc Lurker? I'll probably scare off my biggest readership just by writing this - it's ok Mystery Manc, don't worry - your identity shall remain a secret.

I don't really know much about Manchester, other than it was one of the biggest influences to the House scene in the UK, of course. Apparently it's also one of the most gun-crime ridden areas of the UK - maybe whoever it is that's reading my blog is some crazy balaclava wearing Manc out to collect a price on my head, and he's just researching my weaknesses for the best way to kill me! Agh! If that's the case Mr. Manc, I'm totally invulnerable to anything apart from a direct hit from a naked girl avalanche. That's the only sure way to kill me, I'm afraid.

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