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Thursday, 14 June 2007

Girls on Film/Memory Stick/SD/MMC/XD/USB Flash Drive

When you're in a couple, there's always this overwhelming desire to take a lot of pictures of your other half (I mean that figuratively, I've never had a huge impetus to take a load of pictures of my left half) - or at least there is for me, anyway. Part of this desire can, of course, be attributed to wanting to constantly annoy your partner, but there's also a much deeper urge to just have some proof that you spent at least some of your life with someone so amazing they can remove all thoughts of Terry's Chocolate Orange from your brain for at least 5 minutes (Tests have proved that men think of Terry's Chocolate Orange at least once every 8 seconds.)

The problem is, whilst Marisa is more than happy to sit taking pictures of herself all day, it's very rare that she'll let me take pictures of her. Add this to the fact that I can't say or do anything without having a camera or a phone pointed in my direction right now. It's all just a little.... unfair.

It wouldn't even be so bad if she could take a picture of me doing something where I didn't look so hideous, but it's always got to be when I'm just putting some food in my mouth, or scratching my arse or something. Most people will see a picture like this and go "Well, that's very gritty and realist", but for some unfathomable reason, Marisa always thinks these pictures are "amazing" and "cute". I really don't know what I can do to persuade her otherwise. She's making me Terry's Chocolate Orange cookies right now though, so I suppose I can put up with the pain.

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