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Thursday, 14 June 2007

Virgin or Extra Virgin?

Marisa is having a conversation with Lulu opposite me about the easiness of carrying out a full-scale gang-bang whilst covered in olive oil. Personally, the easiness of that situation is not something I'm entirely worried about, surely in a full-scale gang-bang situation (as and when one of those arises), the guy/girl ratio is the only thing that you should be truly worried about. Lets face it, when placed in that kind of situation, you just want to be sure that you're not going to turn round one second and end up with a steaming pile of cock in your face through no fault of your own. It's a valid problem.

Despite all the gang-banginess in the air, my thoughts are elsewhere at the moment. You know how when you split up with someone, you should never, under any circumstances ever ever ever go back to them? Well does the same thing apply with keyboards? I've just set up my old computer (Maureen is finally coming out of retirement!) so that Marisa can fill it up with pictures of herself and lace and stuff (That's what having a girlfriend is all about - but if you can confine all that kind of thing to one computer, you're pretty much in the clear - today's top tip), and I dug the old keyboard from the RiscPC out (oh, if only your power supply still worked...). I forgot how nice and worn in this keyboard is. Every time you type on it, you just feel the Testostogeek coursing through your veins. The sound tells everyone listening "here is where man types". I'm almost entirely certain that God typeset the Bible on this particular keyboard. If only it worked on my laptop, I'd steal it from Maureen, and make Marisa type with Character Map.

So after installing my extra special version of Windows (it looks like Vista, but it's not... woo... the mystery continues), Maureen is all working again (I think she had a virus before - it would restart itself for no reason every 15 seconds), and I managed to stop it beeping constantly all the time - nice quick fix, I just unplugged the onboard speaker.

That probably means that Maureen is going to overheat and blow up at any moment, but She's not my problem any more ;)


  1. surely the 'through no fault of your own' clause is a contraindication to coming to the gangbang in the first place. unless you arrive at the gang bang maybe thought you were just being kidnapped and then taken to a surprise birthday party...

  2. Perhaps. No heterosexual male should be placed in a position where the risk of eye-slippage is a possibility at any given time though. Maybe we can get a bill passed whereby all male participants in a gang-bang have to wear those digitized frosted-glass undies like in early evening nuddie movies.