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Saturday, 16 June 2007

Is my Dad an International drugs baron?

I'm sure this question has crossed the mind of everybody at one point in their lives, but it turns out when Mum totalled Dad's car a couple of days ago, out spilled a load of Viagra. I mean a load.

Things are starting to come together now, all the behaviour fits, the compulsive lying, the dominating control freak behaviour, the egotistical meglomania, the way he pries into everyone elses business but always remains shady about his own. He's an International Drugs Baron. I bet you anything his "home based business" is just a front for moving shed-loads of cash between countries. That would be a right turn up for the books after he gave me the "drugs talk" the other day ("What? Me? Never.").

Can you tell I have a high opinion of my dad?

I asked a question about this on Yahoo Answers, here's the responses.

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