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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

What would your children of the 80's cassette album cover look like?

Mine would probably look something like this. It would sound like Eagle Eye Cherry after they'd swallowed a Roland Juno synthesizer. It's 60 minutes of Pro-Dolby goodness would include such surefire hits as:

  • I Didn't Need to Leave You (So I Didn't)
  • Beenie Babies
  • (Won't You) Let Your Hair Down
  • Persplexion
  • Stick It In (And Wiggle It Around)
  • Blame The Parenthesis (It's Not Their Fault)
  • Period Girl
  • Juno The One I Love?
  • Memories (Fade Like Bargain Bin Album Covers)
  • The Wind Will Change
  • Love My Llama

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