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Thursday, 14 June 2007

Ugly girls on tractors.

I was looking through my blog just now, and it struck me how stupidly wierd this picture was:

OK, I can forgive that someone is ugly. That's not a problem for me. I'm ugly, but I know it, so I always try to hide at the back when someone's taking a photo, and point away from mirrors unless strictly necessary. I just couldn't get my head round the thinking behind this picture. Presumably, there was someone behind the camera, and on this assumption, it was probably their idea to take the picture... so from these deductions, we can draw these points:

  • Someone saw a nice, old rustic tractor, in some amazing scenery.
  • Instead of snapping away "as-is", they called their ugly wife over and ruined an otherwise perfectly good picture.
I don't know why I'm moaning so much about this. Maybe they were taking her ugliness into account, and by putting her next to a dilapidated tractor, they thought they were making her look better (in a kind of "skinny girls/fat friend" syndrome kind of way). Or maybe they were going to run this picture in their local rag for the "spot the tractor" competition. Who knows?

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