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Sunday, 24 June 2007

Back to the island...

Agh! It seems like every day I spend here I get more frustrated with this country. All I want to do is live in Ibiza with Marisa and DJ. Is that too much to ask? Instead, I'm stuck here, working a crappy job once a week, and having to put up with my Dad being a complete fucktard in between. He still seems to be laboring under the misapprehension that somebody wants him to be in this house, and that he can go have an affair, blame us for it, then just force himself back into the house and that everyone will respect him for it. He went to counselling for six weeks, then stopped because he thought he was a shiny new touchy feely person. No, Dad, all it did was give you new manipulative avenues to explore, it put a glossy sheen on the same old narcissistic control freak.

The other day I just completely lost it with him. I started shouting and screaming and this whole torrent of swear words came out of my mouth because he'd put me down about the same thing every single day for a week. After I phoned mum to speak to her so I could calm down a bit, he had the cheek to ask me "Do you want Your Mum and me to get back together? Do you really think it was the most considerate thing to tell her about this?". Believe me Dad, I don't think that incident could lower her opinion of you any further, and being considerate to you wasn't exactly my most pressing issue at that moment in time.

The fact of the matter is that no, I think them getting back together would quite possibly be the worst idea in history, and that the only person who could possibly benefit from it would be.... yep, you guessed it, Dad. And not even for any good reasons. Not because he loves Mum, or his kids, but simply so that he can regain his manipulative stranglehold. Not exactly a great basis for a relationship with anyone.

He tried to complain today about the fact that me and Marisa lead very nocturnal lives, and tried to force us to take up a "more responsible" lifestyle by being awake during the day. The sad thing is that the reason we stay up as much as possible at night is so that we have to speak to him as little as possible.

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