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Saturday, 23 June 2007

Chimpanzees without cause

Well, that's the first night over and done with! Despite the fact that the students had all gone home for the Summer, and it was pissing it down, therefore it was dead in town, we had a good crowd in, and got down to some funky tunes all night :) I was going to try and record my set, along with the live section with Dom on the bass, but unfortunately, due to the club setup, there was nowhere to plug my miniDisc recorder in :( It has to be said though, Dom was amazing on the Bass - I'm hoping to get a bongo player for the next party we do :) And after all the stressing over the fact that the helium for the balloons had not been delivered, Naomi (bless her cottons) ran all the way across town with a bunch of balloons and filled them up at the Hard Rock Cafe. :) Click the picture below to see some highlights from the night:

Ruforia UK 21 06 07

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