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Thursday, 9 August 2007

Daft Searches

It never ceases to amaze me how people end up at my site, using Google Analytics, I can see exactly what people searched for on Google to find me, sometimes you have to wonder what people were actually looking for with these searches - here's just a few of the stranger ones...

  • girls on tractors
    I told you it was a big turn on for some people. This is one of the top searches that ends people up on my blog.
  • naked girls on tractors
    It just gets better.
  • frankie says your gay shirt
    Ahem. Does he?
  • avril lavigne shoes
    Obviously I'm not the only one that wants them. Why stop at the shoes though? They really aren't her best feature.
  • bamboo yellow shoe
    Even the Dutch aren't that daft.
  • blindfolded gang
    I don't ever remember writing that blog - I must have been very fucked up...
  • classy hen do in leeds
    There's no such thing.
  • hiccuping podcast
    Somebody was actually expecting to find a podcast about hiccuping??
  • how to make ninja shoes
    Everyone's after a pair of these bad boys.
  • kidman compass
    It's mine and no-one else can have it.
  • middle age woman feels ugly
    Have a Hen party, everyone else is doing it.
  • mixer+shoe
    There's better ways to DJ
  • naked indian guy
    That was just a rumor, it never actually happened.
  • party threesome leeds gem
    You can get anything on Google these days.
  • shoes tiesto
    More Dutch shoe madness. Those crazy Dutch.
  • shoes to go on your myspace page
    Err. It's a webpage, and therefore not strictly necessary to dress it. It will look crap all season all by itself.
  • sperm on shoes
    Easily done.
  • sugar paste shoes step by step
  • ugly fat middle-aged people
    Surely you don't need to search on Google to see these? If that's your thing, just come to Leeds.
  • ultra-power gay
    That's a super-hero I hope they never make a comic about. Perhaps you can buy gay electricity now. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "turn on the light".
  • washing up as lube sex
    That's just NASTY! Extra points if you can blow bubbles with it though.
  • what biscuits do old people like
    Stale ones.
  • website with nothing but yellow shoes
    There's a market to be cornered, clearly.
I kid you not, these were all things that people have searched for and ended up at my site - that list is only from the last month!

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