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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

You're twisting my melon, man

I've been looking around Virb a bit more today, and so far I've been really impressed - they've made it easy to use, whilst at the same time it's customizable enough to satisfy advanced users. A few features I've noticed that myspace can't touch...

  • Keep your CSS styles and page information seperate, so you're not messing about looking through all your code just to change one bit of information.
  • Drag & Drop layout editor. Put things where you want them.
  • Blog importer. Within 30 seconds, my Yellow Shoes posts were all on my Virb profile.
  • Random tagline.
  • Text-based ads, at the bottom of the page.
  • Pretty easy to navigate and find what you want.
  • "Remove Customization" button on every page - never have to try and squint to read text again!
These pretty much all just serve to show how crap MySpace actually is!

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