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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Love, Love, is a Virb, Love is a doing word.

After my huge, plate-throwing big-row with MySpace (with no breakup sex, I'm glad to report), our on and off relationship is now officially ended. I've been looking for something to fill the void, and I think I might have found it just now whilst browsing websites that link to Yellow Shoes. This post mentioned a place called virb, which rang a bell - I was reading Computer Arts in WH Smith about a month ago, and thought I read something about it. Of course by the time I got back home, I'd completely forgotten the name of the website, and after a frantic search through the usual suspects, could find nothing of this amazing place hailed as a designer's dream.

A cursory glance through the site seems to confirm a fairly happy community, and they really do try and promote good design, which is really important to me - I won't lose sleep if I never saw another animated background proclaiming this profile to be "pimped" (which I've accrued enough knowledge by now in my life to know means it will look like a cat shite on it, and that the owner of said "pimped" profile will generally be at best illiterate, and at worst, a scally.)

I'll take a better look around the site when I am less tired and have more time, but it's already looking like Virb could have what I want in a social networking site: a friendly place that's still visionary, and that I can put my own mark on. At first glance it looks like Virb is a MySpace for the grown-up generation.

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