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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Because I'm worth it.

Whilst getting ready for my job interview today, I couldn't find any shaving cream. Not really wanting to bring 5 of Gillette's best anywhere near my face without some form of lubrication, I looked through the bathroom for the slippiest thing I could find.

After much deliberation and experimentation (luckily I was doing this in my sisters bathroom, so the mess wasn't my responsibility), I eventually decided to shave using Loreal Elvive Anti-Aging regenerative formula shampoo.

Although it was a little slimy, and felt like what I can only imagine jizz feels like on your face (I was trying not to think about this), it was by far the smoothest shave I've ever had, and my face had a wierd aromatic stench to it afterwards. I need to do some long term testing with this, as I feel that I've had a fairly spotty day today, and the two events can't just be coincidental. I really want to give my beard a few days growth now just to see if it grows back glowing with healthy age-defying shine.

I wonder if there are shaving creams specially designed to promote that "rugged" stubble effect that seems to hard for me to achieve.


  1. "imagine," he says. Riiiiight....

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