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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Ruforia: Chronic Fatigue

Finally the latest installment of the only feel-good force to be reckoned with is here! I'm sorry it's taken so long, but I hope it's worth it! Personally I feel this mix has got some absolute gems in there, but then I would say that, because I chose them all. I suppose the only way we'll truly find out is for you to have a listen and tell me yourself!

This mix is dedicated to Timo, for being a true leg end, and for having his birthday. It's important. Once upon a time, Timo didn't like House Music, and denounced it as being faggy and gay. After listening to a few Ruforia mixes, it was all a different story. How strange. Anyway, Happy Birthday Timo, and I hope you like the mix :)


  1. Beach Boys - Surfin' USA
    I don't need to say anything. Widely acclaimed as performing the best album ever ever.
  2. Laurent Wolf Feat. Soni Dee - Sunshine Paradise (12" Vocal Mix)
    I've been wanting to put this track on a Ruforia mix for a while - some of the most beautiful interplay of vocal harmonies around going on in this track (maybe even better than the Beach Boys?). Plus it's one of those tracks you can't help but feel good when you listen to it.
  3. Cosmic Love Feat. Gramma Funk - This is the Way We Funk It (Original Mix)
    I picked this up on a tiny whitelabel at Delta Discos last year in Ibiza, and never looked back - I never heard anyone else play it, but that doesn't stop me wanting to dance like a lunatic to it.
  4. Francesco Diaz Feat. Karl Frierson - Say a Little Prayer (Raul Rincon Mix)
    If I had a remix of Aretha Franklin's original, I'd be playing it here, but it seems it was never to be. That doesn't stop this one kicking ass though, and it's got that classic smooth Funky House bassline a.k.a 2004. More please.
    With: Bhernandez Vs. DJ Tyo - Let You Down (Power Dub)
    A pretty bland track, in my opinion, but this sample leads us nicely onto...
  5. Dennis Ferrer Feat. K. Brooks - Change the World (Main Mix)
    A great message in this one, and for this reason alone it deserves to be on a mix dedicated to Timo.
    With: Sugar Caine - White Lines (Vox 29)
    A bit of a teaser for later...
  6. Switch - A Bit Patchy (Kenny Dope Mix)
    I'm sure you've heard this one around, I've heard it everywhere, Digweed even played it at the Giant NYE party, LA, and for sentimental reasons, it's included here. I never get tired of those 60's sounding horns!
  7. Bob Sinclar - Ultimate Funk (Tocadisco Mix)
    A little-known Bob Sinclar one, this, but definitely still worthy. Bob Sinclar is credited with producing one of my favorite songs of all time: Love Generation, and he's one of those artists that seems to be able to do no wrong at the moment. I might even forgive him for being French.
  8. Bionik Phunk Feat. D. Mac - White Lines (Playmaker's Oldskool Mix)
    The original is of course, seminal, you can't argue with that, and I've been waiting for a while for someone to give it a House remake. You'll find a couple of dirtier mixes on Beatport, but this is my personal favorite.
    With: Afroman - Because I Got High (Acapella)
    This being a mix for Timo, there needs to be at least one reference to some nasty California weed in there somewhere, otherwise I wouldn't be doing my job.
  9. Joe T. Vannelli Feat. Rochelle Fleming - Get It On (Summer Love) (Tom Novy Remix)
    Mr. Vannelli's Sweetest Day of May is quite a few people's favorite moment of any Ruforia mixes, and I can see why, although I'm a little unhappy with a lot of the 2007 remixes - they lost a lot of that Soul feeling that was so strong in the original track. Get It On on the other hand seems to sum up everything Subliminal in one track though, those big build-ups that seem to fade away to nothing, and a track so deep you could drown in it. I love it.
    With: Roland Clark - Resist (Acapella)
    It does exactly what it says on the tin.
  10. Skee Lo - I Wish (Aqua Sky Remix)
    A great hip-hop song in it's own right (which is high praise indeed, coming from me), this remix is just plain dirt. Do the robot. Rinse. Repeat.
    With: Erick Morillo - House Music is a Feeling (Acapella)
    One of my favorite acapellas, this one should be in every house DJ's collection.
  11. Micha Moor - Space (Klass Club Remix)
    You'll recognize the hook in this one instantly as from Prodigy's Outer Space, and I've been hanging on for a true House re-make for a long time. Try keeping your arse still during this track. It's not physically possible, I assure you. I love the reggae breakdown, and the way the beat comes slamming back in with more nasty dirt than Courtney Cox in a mudbath.
  12. Muttonheads & Mattieu Bouthier - Make Your Own Kind of Music (original Mix)
    None other than Mama Cass did the original vocal for this track, and I can't stop listening to it right now. A proper sing-along monster, and I'm glad the producers had the sense to keep the original Motown feel to this track. It puts a great big smile on my face every time I hear it :)
  13. Rufus White - Mind Games (Reprise Mix)
    A track I've been working on - the piano is from Five For Fighting's Superman (Which I'm told is the theme tune to Dawson's Creek, but please don't let that stop you from listening to it!). I wanted to make a track which I could use at the end of the set, and I think the result is pretty nice - it needs a little bit more work, but it's definitely getting there. If you want to get your hands on this track, all I ask is a small donation to the Ruforia cause. You can donate securely via PayPal here.
    With: Red Carpet - Alright (Acapella)
    A staple of any good Subliminal Sessions night, I was so happy when I managed to find the Acapella to this track. It's been 3 years since I first heard it, and I still get goosebumps when I hear it now.
Enjoy, Rufx


  1. nice track list, looking forward to the Mama Cass part, the original is awesome. Will see if Get It On can top Donkey Bongos Sweetest Day...

    I thought I recognised the Five For Fighting piano when you sent it through the other day, really nice tune you've put together.

    Off to download now, hopefully it will bring the sun out too!

  2. Get it on is definitely not a Sweetest Day contender, how can you top that kind of track? The only upside of the 2007 remixes being released: They also released the acapella. This makes Rufus a happy bunny©. It just gives me one more acapella to be added to my burgeoning collection.

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