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Sunday, 22 July 2007

Myspace: the online Nazi party.

Well, it looks like MySpace are up to their old tricks again. They're now blocking links to just about everywhere on the internet that's not within the area code, which means even my redirect script will no-longer work. Fear not. I have another idea but it's ugly. There's no way that mySpace can block links in Flash movies, so you can always make a tiny flash movie, store it somewhere else (even on your googlepages site) that just links to where you need it to.

I have emailed mySpace about this blatant disregard of the ethics and neutrality of the net, and I'm awaiting a reply.

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  1. me too. I tried your last fix to no avail..but thanks for trying to help us noobs out there. I have added your site to my google reader feed..I likey.