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Monday, 30 July 2007

Knee deep in CSS..

Today I've been helping my good friend Steve (of Podrunner and Groovelectric fame) transfer his email newsletter onto Blogger so that he has a ready-made RSS feed. As always with Blogger, and trying to work an existing design into a new template, there's been a neer-to-do with CSS coding, and getting everything right, but I think the results are starting to look quite pleasing. Take a look yourself at the new site, any design suggestions are appreciated!

Whilst in the process of fiddling with Bloggers innards, I found how to set your own bookmark icon for Blogger sites, which I promptly used for my own site, as you can hopefully see in the URL bar now :)


  1. Rufus spent about 5 hours dealing with me and my Luddite wrath while he helped me with this today. He has the patience of Job. Thank to me he also has the experience of Job as well.

  2. Steve, if I ever die (I've come up with some ingenious ways of cheating death, so let's not count all our eggs just yet), I want you to write my epitaph.

    Extra points if you can get these words in and still make it sound classy:


  3. It's funny you say that, actually. I used to do epitaphs for friends. It was a great (and totally uunfair) way of trying to sum 'em up in one line. My friend Mary, for instance, believes in reincarnation, so I suggested her tombstone read "Continued on Other Side." Maureen is notorious for not knowing how she feels about something for a while, so I suggested "I'm Still Processing This." Mine is easy: "You Kids Get Off My Lawn."

    Yours? "Forwarded to"

    But your obituary should mention how tragic it was that you fell into that nasty polystyrene agitator.

  4. Oopsy -- make that nasty polystyrene arpeggiator.

  5. Oh dear. Have I inadvertently set myself up for a very nasty death? I always envisioned dying in a naked girl avalanche. It's important to me.

    lol @ "continued on other side" & "" - how cool would it be to be buried under the dancefloor of pacha? You could totally keep dancing way into the afterlife.

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