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Saturday, 21 April 2007

Ninja Saturday.

They told me to dress in black for my first day at this new job at Prohibition tonight, so I managed to find a black tshirt and the only pair of black pants that still fit me. I look like a total ninja. It feels wrong. It's called Ninja Wednesday for a reason. Because it's not Saturday. I know I'm going to make a total arse of myself tonight.

At least I have curry with Naomi after I finish to look forward to afterwards. We always go to the grottiest curry house in Leeds, but they make the best curries, and charge you about 5p for it. It's a ritual.


  1. Ninja Saturday???

    Spaceship Saturday Rufus.. I see your training in the ninja field is not yet complete.. sigh

  2. <shock> - I think perhaps someone's training in reading is not complete! ;) Besides, I thought it was spaceship Thursday?

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  4. Maybe we need a treatease on day naming. Since the aim of a ninja Wednesday is to fuck shit up, we can't have fuck shit up friday. So here's a draft, tell me what you think...

    Ninja Wednesday (The start of the ninja week, of course)
    Spaceship Thursday
    Flip out Friday
    Samauri Saturday
    Nunchuck Sunday
    Dress Down Monday
    (Because even ninjas get tired of wearing black all the time)
    Meditation Tuesday (In preparation of ninja Wednesday)

  5. Tuesday is sick night tuesday.. Ninjas never rest.

    Samurai Saturday - Like it