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Thursday, 26 April 2007

The new spiritual home for Ruforia?

This could well be the new home of Ruforia in Leeds - I've been in talks with the owner about getting the night going there, and he's definitely up for it. I've just got to get a proposal to him for Monday, and all going well, we should be able to organize the first Ruforia UK night in about a month's time! If anyone wants to help out with this project, or just knows a shitload of people they can bring down, get in touch! I'm thinking the way I might work it is to charge £3 on the door, or free if you can get 6 or more people together (perhaps before a certain time). There will not be a guest list, but I will also not have people queuing outside if there is room in the club. There's also going to be drinks specials all night. Any ideas?

Fudge seems to have exactly what I'm looking for in terms of intimacy, atmosphere, straight/gayness (around 50/50), size, sound system, lights, and just general aesthetics. At first it will just be a once a month party, but if things go well, there's no reason why we can't make it once a week. I want the emphasis to be on just having a party and a good time rather than "going clubbing", that was how House Music started out, and that's how I want to keep it. Likewise, I will not be labeling the night with one specific genre of House Music, rather sticking to my "if it's good, play it" philosophy that's worked so well in my podcasts and previous Ruforia nights.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Rufus,

    Obviously I listen to your podcasts. All tip top!

    I live in Leeds and am amazed at the decrease in good quality nights out now. Basics is still alright, but a bit hard. Space is dire and Mint has turned to R&B. Fudge is a great little venue, but surely there is a need for a funky house night during the weekend? Leeds is crying out for you on a Saturday, not mid-week!

    Kind regards,

    PS. Will make it on your first Wednesday, even though it is a school night, with at least 6 mates!