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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Erotic discourse in Cheadle

So I've got my first proper shift at Prohibition tonight - luckily I managed to find a black shirt this time, but it's one of those ones that have the sleeves sewn into a rolled-up state, so instead of looking like a ninja tonight, I look like a pirate. They're gonna think I'm some kind of one-man hippy fancy-dress parade at work.

No different from anywhere else I've worked then.

There wasn't any milk in the house this morning, and very little else, so I wasn't able to get my usual bowl of cereal. I had to make a rudimentary cheese and onion toastie from bread, cheese, and an onion. This wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have a dental check-up before work. It's always fun to be able to breathe onion breath all over the kinky young dental assistant. Or it would be if the nurses at my clinic were kinky. Or young. In reality they're all fat and middle-aged.

More onion please.

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