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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Strange tales of sugar manifestation.

Today I was craving something in my diet. After a long and interesting discussion with Hazel the cat, I decided it was sugar. Having only just managed my RDA for the day, I decided it would be wise to "stock up" just in case I missed the mark tomorrow. Next came the laborious task of deciding how best to ingest the sugar. I decided a new and exciting way of injestation was in order, so I concocted a devious recipe involving ice cream and golden syrup. For anyone interested in replicating the experiment, here's the recipe vertabim:

  • Ice Cream
  • Golden Syrup
Just to make things interesting, I decided to zap the resulting mix in the microwave, thinking it would make a vanillaee sludge which I could then administer intravenously to old people, if necessary. Unfortunately my experiment did not work as planned - what actually happened was that whilst the ice cream melted (as expected), the golden syrup, instead of getting softer in the microwave actually absorbed the remaining coldness of the ice cream, making it hard like toffee. Using my spoonular implement to stir the mix post-zap only resulted in a spoonful of hardened golden syrup.

Which I discovered was all I really wanted in the first place. Hazel liked the melted ice cream though.

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