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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Nap over. Pizza in Oven

I really hate that time after you put a pizza in the oven, where you're waiting for it to be ready so you can put it in your mouth. The problem with "pizza limbo" (as I believe is the technical term for this time period) is that if you start doing something (like writing in your blog for example) you're bound to either lose track of time, and the pizza will end up burnt, or forget about the pizza entirely, and it will be cremated.

2 new worries have started since the whole shoes thing, and I don't know how much attention I should pay them - firstly there's a little orange light that's started blinking at me on my laptop. I don't like little orange lights, especially blinky ones, they're usually a bad omen.

The other thing is that I bought some new hair gel today so that I can look all manly groomed for when Marisa gets here, but it's called "Fish!" hair gel. Styling products in general are fairly traumatic for me, and now I've just thrown the whole situation on its head by buying something called "Fish!". Why did I do that?

I also bought Lynx Africa deodorant because the Click one has left me psychologically scarred after the other day.


  1. AnonymousMay 16, 2007

    i use Fish too, off-putting name for sure

  2. dude, i bought hair product from them too for my roommate, specifically for the name. this one was 'fish paste' but whatever. it's rad. and i don't think marisa will find it 'off-putting' in the least! how could you?!
    speaking of: take good care of my marisa for meeeeeeee!!!!!!