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Friday, 12 October 2007

Ugly Dogs

No, I'm not talking about the girls in San Antonio, I just wanted to take another moment to illustrate how hideously ugly Krystal's dog, Dougal is again.

I really can't stress this enough: This dog is ridiculously ugly. If I was this dog's mother, I'd drown it.


  1. ok, look i dont know who you think you are but i have a boston terrier and everyboby loves him and thinks hes adorable

  2. What has that got to do with the price of fish? I'm sure your dog is wonderful, but I don't believe I ever said anything about Boston Terriers. Dougal is a French Bulldog, and looks like he's been designed by H R Gieger.

  3. sorry its just that french bulldogs look alot like bostons and i get them mixed up all the time! but do you really think french bulldogs are ugly?!?!?! if you want ugly go to google images and type in ugly dog click on the first picture and see the full sized image...

  4. French bulldogs are ugly, that's a fact. I do not like them at all, they're the most discucting and deformed pieces of flesh on earth. I agree.