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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Give me a home where the buffalo roam, and I'll show you a house full of cowshit.

Today has been one of those really wierd days on the island. This morning, it was beautiful - nice and fresh, and far nicer than the wet sweatiness that was last night. Then, about 3 seconds after a huge roll of thunder, the winds started and the heavens opened, to the point where our street turned into a river.

Of course, as soon as I arrived on the island, I was drafted into fixing everybody's computers, and today I had to try and find out why Adam's wireless connection kept dropping back out. By the time I got down there, I was completely soaked to the bone, only to find that he was still in bed, and wanted me to come back later! I told him in no uncertain terms that I wouldn't be walking through this weather all over again just to get his internet working. After fiddling with the damn thing for the best part of an hour, it turned out his laptop had got so caked in muck (it's quite possibly the filthiest laptop I've ever had the non-pleasure to handle in my life) that it was stopping the wireless disable switch going fully into the 'on' position.

Of course, the one day it happens to sheet it down with rain in this place, is the one day when Ben wants us to go to Pacha, and mail all of Morillo's bits that he didn't have time to collect before he headed for New York. Luckily Donald has had enough accidents on the scooter to be wary of going anywhere on it when there's even the slightest bit of weather that's not 100% sun, and I'm thinking that a tidal wave moving steadily down Ave. D'Espania falls under that category.

Tonight we're throwing an end of season for the workers on the island but I'm not sure many people will be wanting to come if it means getting even the slightest bit wet. This is also a very strange year because the Space closing party is on the 7th of October (it's always the first Sunday), which means there's a week of 'limbo time' between all the other clubs closing and the Space closing (which marks the end of the season). So all the workers are suddenly stuck with nothing to do an nowhere to party. The sensible ones are using this week to rest a little before the Space closing, although if our house is anything to go by, it looks like most people have just been topping up the chemicals in their body all season, so now that there's a moment when there's no parties going on, it means that they're all feeling like death warmed up (and not even by that much, thanks to the rain). Pretty much all the roommates have had a large amount of 'sofa time' already this week (ie. fallen unconscious on the sofa), even Lucky - who is supposed to be the true drug-tank out of all the people I know. Although last night I wanted to bludgeon him to death with his phone after his alarm kept waking us up all night, and he was too unconscious to notice it.

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