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Saturday, 15 September 2007

Now I don't need a mac

The one feature I always get really jealous of mac users for is the "dock" thing that's in OSX. I mean it's just the way it jumps out at you and the icons get bigger as you get closer towards them - for some reason it's like GUI porn to me. Forget all that other stuff they tell me you can do with a mac, I just want to masturbate the dock all day. I'd be so good to it, I swear!

Then, while searching for big icons for my Vista desktop, I ran across a windows version, pretty much exactly the same as the mac version. It's called Object Dock, and you can get it free from Stardock. After telling Vista to hide all my icons on the desktop, I've got exactly what I wanted, without buying a mac :) What's more, it seems to be super-smooth, and uses barely any memory - it doesn't even make a difference while Traktor is playing 4 decks at once :)

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