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Monday, 7 April 2008


Aggh! Not only have I lost my girlfriend, but my cat has gone missing too! Moby Moby Moby, where are you??? The streets of Ghetto D'en Bossa have been ringing with his name as I've been hunting for his little cute features all day. I've got the whole street on Moby alert.

I thought I saw him earlier on the roof outside my flat in the semi-darkness, but no, it was his psychotic mother, taunting me with her stripyness.

Aida (the wee girl who lives in the block next door, who's been teaching me rude Spanish words) told me something in Spanish about him earlier, and pointed towards the hotel behind my house, but the only word I could understand was 'listo' (ready).

Tomorrow I'm going to put some signs up around the place, and have another hunt for him, until then the smallest sound that might or might not be his little miow will continue to send me rushing to the window to see if he's back.

Moby, please come back! I know I told you the other day that that poo you did was quite possibly the stinkiest thing I've ever seen, but I'll let you off next time I promise!

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